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Office Administrator – Resume & Cover Letter Template


Get Noticed! Get Hired! with this creative and professional easy to use CV / resume template design for Microsoft Word. Includes ATS friendly resume / CV template.

Whilst perfect for administrative professionals this resume can be used by any profession as it is fully customizable.

As with all my resume templates, they are designed to be entirely …

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Administrative Assistant – Resume & Cover Letter Template

Get Noticed! Get Hired! with this creative and professional easy to use CV / resume template design for Microsoft Word. Includes ATS friendly resume / CV template.

Whilst perfect for administrative professionals this resume can be used by any profession as it is fully customizable.

As with all my resume templates, they are designed to be entirely ‘do-it-yourself’. All you have to do is type your resume content into each section and go get hired!

This resume template is compatible with Microsoft Word (PC & MAC) – Available as an Instant Download

If you need to install Microsoft Word, you can get it here



Hi, I’m Natalie and I run this store!

I have worked in the careers industry for 15 years. I have provided executive assistance to the owner of a successful career marketing firm and also the senior director of a large multinational staffing agency. I have designed, formatted, and proofread thousands of resumes including resumes for many senior executives across North America.

I’m delighted to have partnered with resume and careers expert Ken Docherty to introduce a brand-new range of affordable career products based on Ken’s extensive experience and success in the careers industry.

Ken has been instrumental in the build-out of all products in this store, including the bonus resume writing guide you will receive with your purchase and the job-specific content written into the resume templates wherever that is offered.

Who is Ken?

Ken is regarded as one of the world’s leading resume specialists and is an experienced executive recruiter and the former owner of a successful staffing firm.

He is a Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM), national media contributor, and an international award-winning resume writer (multiple wins).

The clients who seek him out for resume services and career advice have worked everywhere from the White House, Pentagon and NSA to Parliament Hill (Canada) via every major industry in North America. They are respected professionals at all levels from oil & gas trades specialists to VP’s at billion-dollar companies and CEO’s of world-leading corporations.

As a recruitment consultant and executive recruiter, Ken managed recruitment campaigns for some of the world’s leading employers, including: Shell, Chevron, Encana Corporation, Teck, Fluor, IBM, Motorola, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, British Red Cross, and many more. He acquired insight into how they recruit and what they looked for in an applicant. He has reviewed over 30,000 resumes and interviewed over 4,500 people over the course of his career.

I’m excited to partner with him and grow this store to give you an array of career products you can use to help you advance your careers, get noticed, and get HIRED!

I hope you find something here that you love!



• 1, 2, and 3 Page Resume Templates in Microsoft Word (.docx) format

• A 50+ page “Resume Writing Guide” written by Ken Docherty which includes detailed insight and examples on how to craft elite-level bullet points and other insider tips & tricks to help give you an edge on your competition and stand out in a sea of resumes.

• A plain ATS-friendly resume template. All of these beautiful templates look great, however Applicant Tracking Systems cannot scan content inside text boxes. And, not all Applicant Tracking Systems can read PDF’s! If you’re applying online and want to make sure your resume can be scanned, you’ll need this resume template to add to your job search arsenal as well!

• A guide on ‘How to Write an ASCII’ version of your resume. There are still some Applicant Tracking Systems that ask for a plain text version (ASCII) of your resume. How do you do that without it looking like a complete mess on the back-end of an ATS? I’ll show you how in this guide.

• Cover Letter – Coffee & cream, yin & yang, Laurel & Hardy. What do these things have in common? They go together so well, just like a resume & cover letter! I’ll give you a matching Cover Letter Template (can also double as a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Exploratory Introduction’ letter).

• Dual File Sizes – US Letter & A4 sized files

• Easy-to-Follow – Detailed Instructions & FAQ file

• Free Font – Free font downloads for all fonts used in the resume template.

• Changing Colors – Bonus design checklist with instructions on how to customize the resume template to colors of your own choosing! Create different versions of your resume in different color schemes!

★Special Offers★

★ FREE Interview Survival Strategies eBook with any template purchased from this store. ★



That’s the trick isn’t it! Getting noticed is the key to job search success.

So why do so many people fail to get noticed?

There can be several reasons. Some of the main themes I’ve seen over the years include resume designs that fail to make an impact; bland & uninspiring content; and a failure to get past the dreaded automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to have your content seen by an actual human!

With the products in my store, I’m trying to eliminate those major roadblocks by offering beautiful designs + an ATS-friendly resume template + a guide on converting your resume to ASCII format + an amazing resume writing guide written by one of the top resume writers in the land to help you create compelling content.

The other main reason some people don’t secure interviews is because they’re not qualified for the role. My main tip here is – ‘only apply for jobs for which you are at least an 80% match’!! There, that one was easy!


Would you like to turbo-charge your resume writing experience? Add the Resume Workbook to your resume template order and save $8 in the process!

The workbook is a perfect complement to Ken’s Resume Writing Guide and resume templates. Add it to your order to make sure you do yourself justice in your new resume, impress the hiring team, and help give yourself the best chance possible of beating out the competition to win that job!



★ Plug’n’Play: Simply type your resume content into your new resume template and you’re done!

★ Completely Customizable: Edit your resume template in Word (PC or MAC). You can change all text (including headings), colors (headers, sidebar lines, text, icons, graphics etc.), fonts, and even add or delete sections if you need to. Create multiple versions of your resume and use the one you like the most!

★ Professionally Designed: My resume templates are designed to create an immediate positive impact due to strategic use of color, structure, and white space for ease of reading.

★ Professionally Formatted: All of my resume templates have been formatted by a Microsoft Word expert to make sure you have an easy-to-use platform for building your masterpiece. The resume templates use linked text boxes so that your content rolls seamlessly from page 1 to 2 to 3 etc. Some templates I’ve seen come in for a re-write built by other companies will hide your text at the bottom of each text box when you run out of space. This can be disastrous when dragging content from your template into an ATS as you run the risk of pulling that random hidden content that you’d forgotten about through as well!

★ Built From Experience: These resume templates were designed and built from direct front-line recruiting and resume writing experience balanced with the desire to provide a low-cost, do-it-yourself, entirely customizable experience for you!

★ ATS Compliant Add-On: Each of your resume templates comes with a basic ATS-friendly template that you can choose to use with Applicant Tracking Systems that do not accept PDF’s. If they don’t accept PDF’s, it probably means their ATS cannot scan a PDF document and will scan it as a blank page = you do not progress. In such cases, use your ATS-friendly template to upload into their system and attach your PDF as an “additional file”. That way, your amazing content can be scanned and scored by the system, and the PDF of your beautiful template can be viewed by a human when they personally review your file.



• You will need a PC (personal computer). Work/public computers, tablets and phones cannot install fonts and as such you CANNOT use them to edit these resume templates.
• You will need Microsoft Word for PC or MAC.

• NOTE: These resume templates are NOT COMPATIBLE with OpenOffice, Google Docs, or programs/apps other than the official desktop version of Microsoft Word.



• Instant Download: After purchase you can instantly download your file.

• Unzip files: Double-click the file to UNZIP it (or download 7-Zip for free at

• Read Me: Open the Instructions file first for directions on installing the free fonts and how to customize the resume template.

• Build Your Masterpiece: Edit and customize your resume template by simply typing or pasting (CTRL + V) over the placeholder text.

• PDF: Save your new resume template as a PDF FILE to upload to job postings




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